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Somebody always has to pee!

Our family loves to go out and do things.  We like all day adventures and we use our car as home base.  But somebody always has to pee!  We used to use the "parked with 2 doors open and somebody covering" method. But it couldn't be used everywhere and often stressed us out and sometimes made a mess. 

Now we have the Carloo.  If someone has to pee, we park and they pee.  Simple.  If we're out in nature, we'll dump it somewhere safe (just the pee, saving the toilet paper on the side).  If we're in the city, we'll seal it up and clean it at home.  It's big enough so that we've been able to use it a few times while out.  We keep the toilet paper, a towel to cover up, a towel for underneath and some hand sanitizer nearby, so we're good to go.


"How do you Carloo?" are real stories that have been shared with us, but many people are shy about their bathrooming habits, so no real names or photos of customers are used in this post.

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