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Sleeping baby & happy mom

My darling baby daughter has never been a great sleeper, but she likes sleeping in the car. If we go out to run errands, she'll often fall asleep in the middle of things. If I move her out of the car, she'll wake up. I try to take advantage of these moments, so I'm always prepared with things to do - read the news, catch up on emails, do some work, or just relax. 

BUT I have a small bladder and try to stay super hydrated for breastfeeding, so my calm is often interrupted by having to PEE! 

I tried using a kid's potty, adult diapers, other messy rigs inside the car as well as spending time fantasizing about a drive-in "we'll babysit while you use the bathroom" service, but none of it really worked out.

Now with the Carloo, I can let my daughter sleep and enjoy my downtime.  If I have to pee, then I pee in the car.  No more drama or anxiety or discomfort!


"How do you Carloo?" are real stories that have been shared with us, but many people are shy about their bathrooming habits, so no real names or photos of customers are used in this post.

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