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(23 customer reviews)

The Carloo gives you a choice!

The Carloo is a portable toilet you can use in the privacy of your parked car. It’s comfortable to use and compact for easy storage and discreet transportation. It was designed for people with pee anxiety, but anyone can use it.

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Free shipping on all orders! 
(within the contiguous U.S.)*

23 reviews for Carloo

  1. VC

    I absolutely love this thing! I've only had my Carloo for a week and I've already used it! My son's bus was 30 minutes late returning from a cross-country meet, and I was waiting in the school parking lot for him to arrive. I wouldn't have survived the wait without my Carloo!

  2. Brenda

    I have used my Carloo on two car camping trips recently. I line it with toddler potty bags from Amazon, put a puppy pad on the back passenger seat and just go. Easy disposal and not one drip spilled over several nights! It's wonderful to not have to leave my car and walk to the campground restroom in the middle of the night. I highly recommend this product!

  3. Altitudemama

    I did lots of research, and am so pleased with my choice. The Carloo is my new favorite thing in my car! Incredibly well-designed, comfortable, easy to use, easy to transport and easy to clean. And the "cake carrier" is just as stealth as my PriusRV! I've carried it into a public restroom to dispose of the contents and clean - so quick and easy. And speaking of stealth, you can literally be using the Carloo and no one can tell if they're peeking in your car window. As an aside, the Carloo is perfect for other places besides the car... bathroom too far away from the bedroom, or you might wake up others in the process? Just have your Carloo with you instead! Excellent product.

  4. CC

    I pee ALOT. Carloo totally saved me on a recent drive from the Bay Area to Portland, where I didn’t have to use public services once! It fit perfectly in my Mini-Cooper bucket seats.

  5. AD

    Now we're set... my husband has his pee bottle and I have my Carloo.

  6. Stephanie C

    We love our “casserole dish”, a great undercover solution for our need for frequent rest stops and our well worn bodies.

    I say a woman must have had a hand in the design… Whether true or not, it’s my highest compliment for a well thought out and practical tool.

    A fabulous step up from my prior preference for reused plastic laundry booster powder tubs!

  7. Traveler

    It’s great, portable easy to use…. I gave it a four as it has a bucket rim you sit on that is higher than the seat. But nonetheless is great to have in emergency . Will make travel easier for sure

  8. Nicole

    I am a long-time camper, traveller, and researched an easier way. Within the first week, I used it in a situation in the city I live in. Easy peasy! So greatly "relieved" to have this in my car when and if needed, no matter in town or out on the road.

  9. GG

    I didn’t want to drive more than a few miles from my house because I was worried about needing to use the bathroom. But with the Carloo, I don’t stress. I don’t even use it that often, but just knowing I can - that I have a choice - saves me so much anxiety.

  10. RM

    Works great in my Camry. Hides under the passenger seat. Would buy again.

  11. Isabel

    I am so very pleased with this product. And the customer service was amazing to work with. They responded back right away and kept me informed about my package.

  12. JS

    The Carloo is a major game changer. It allows you to comfortably and easily pee in the safety of your vehicle. There are no weird attachments. You sit on a bowl and pee just as you would with a toilet.

  13. AK

    Unfortunately, I have a very tiny bladder. Fortunately, just having the Carloo in the car decreases my anxiety when driving far from home. Last week, I was waiting in the huge parking lot at IKEA for the store to open ( I was 20 minutes early) when I couldn’t hold it any longer. I parked in a remote part of the lot and moved to the backseat and used the Carloo. It worked perfectly - no mess, no splash!! This is a great product!!

  14. Christie

    Just came back from a two week road trip around the country and of course the Carloo came along for the ride! It became our travel buddy, used it when we had no bathroom options, and even when we did have options. My 6 year old daughter started to prefer the Carloo over public restrooms. I did not expect that we would've used it as much as we did, but it's so easy to use and clean and also leak-free. As a parent, we often have anxiety on the road since our daughter can't hold it as well as we can. There were a few occasions where it came to the rescue when there were no bathrooms for miles, so our minds were at ease knowing this was in the car. It's such an ingenious product that ended up becoming very useful! We are so glad to have it now as an option when we travel near or far.

  15. DD

    This is really a gift for those of us with Teeny Weeny Bladder Syndrome. Just knowing it’s there if I need it is huge. All those trips that immediately cause anxiety instead of joy that now may sound fun if this worry is off the plate. One for each car is what I say. Thank you Kim!

  16. DC-D

    I was a home health nurse for many years. I think we all had pee anxiety! We certainly knew where all the bathrooms were, but an available bathroom when you need it is not always an option. One time I got stuck on one of our lovely Northern California bridges behind an accident. I thought I was going to need to jump out of the car and use the side of the road in front of a few hundred spectators! After that I got a “women’s urinal”, but it was less than perfect. This IS! Just the peace-of-mind is worth its weight in gold. And I got one for my daughter, because heaven help her, she has inherited a few things from me!

  17. CC

    I have the tiniest bladder ever. Having the Carloo makes our long distance drives so much easier and more comfortable

  18. NF

    I've always wanted something like this! There's never a public restroom available when you need one, even pre-pandemic, especially for those of us with bladders that demand our attention when it's time to go. I'm not one who's been able to "hold it," even when I was a teenager, and when I'm on long car trips, I have to stop frequently.

    Practically everyone I've showed my Carloo has said, "I've got to get one of these!"

    Also, I never realized that when you're in the back seat, no one looks at you as they pass by...

  19. MN

    Friends have moved, so I am needing to drive long distances. Carloo gives me complete freedom of mind.

  20. Jason H.

    Much like a spare tire -- I hope I never have to use this, but I'm sure glad I have it in my trunk! Great invention.

  21. GB

    What a perfect gift! My friend gave it to me and I put it under the seat in my car and promptly forgot about it — out of sight out of mind. The other day I was running errands in the city and really needed to use the bathroom. Out of habit I started trying to figure out where I could find a restaurant or cafe to buy something so I could use the bathroom. Then I remembered Carloo. I was parked and no one was around. I pulled it out from under the seat and it was easy to use and clean. What a brilliant product!

  22. CK

    my mom got our family a carloo and it has seriously helped me out. i honestly didn't think i'd use it, but i was proven wrong. it's neat, easy, and private (surprising i know!) also the packaging is super cute!! :))

  23. GG

    I was grateful I had my Carloo this morning, otherwise I would’ve had to go home and wouldn’t have been able to finish all of my errands!

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More details about Carloo

The Carloo includes 5 parts:
- plastic external container
- plastic external lid
- molded plastic toilet seat
- stainless steel internal container
- silicone internal container lid

When all the parts are packed, the Carloo is:
- 4.125" tall x 12.75" wide
- 3.2 lbs

The Carloo ships free within the contiguous United States and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee (see details on Shipping and Returns).

Learn more about the Carloo on this website:
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- How to use
- About us

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