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Roadtrip twofer

I recently went on a month long road trip. I got the Carloo for the car since I wasn't sure where I'd be and wanted to always have an option. It worked out great. I didn't use it as much as I thought, but it was totally worth it for the few times that I did (one super long stretch with no bathrooms + mega beverage = me very happy to use the Carloo while parked on the side of the road).

I was staying in a combination of friends, family and Airbnb rooms in people's homes, mostly situations with a shared bathroom. I pee at night, but I don't like wandering around in unfamiliar places in the dark. After my first night of tripping while trying to remember where the bathroom was located, I decided to bring the Carloo into wherever I was sleeping. I would set it up on a chair before I went to bed and would use it at night as needed. In the morning, I'd bring it with me to the bathroom to empty into the toilet and clean it. It worked out perfectly and I NEVER stressed about having to pee during my month long road trip!

"How do you Carloo?" are real stories that have been shared with us, but many people are shy about their bathrooming habits, so no real names or photos of customers are used in this post.

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