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How to use the Carloo

The Carloo is a portable toilet that is designed for use in the privacy of your parked car. You can store it anywhere (trunk, backseat, under a seat). When you’re ready to use it, do the following:

1. Set up

Place your Carloo where you want to use it (back seat, front seat or wherever). If your car seats are slanted or you are parked on a hill, you may want to use a towel or pad underneath to make the seat more flat and level.
Closed Carloo
Take off the external lid and set aside, upside down.
Carloo with external lid off
Take off the internal lid and set aside, on top of the external lid.
Carloo with internal and external lids off
Your Carloo is now ready to use!

2. Use

Get yourself ready like when you use a regular toilet. Note, this can be more challenging inside of a car.

Sit on the Carloo.

Use a towel or blanket to cover up, if needed, for privacy or comfort. And you probably want a roll of toilet paper nearby.

Do your business.

When done, get off gently, keeping the Carloo upright and steady.

Note: if you're worried about using it for the first time in your car, try practicing somewhere you feel comfortable, like on a chair in your bathroom.
Woman sitting on a Carloo inside a car without a back door
And, yes, this woman is sitting on her Carloo with her pants on, which is not realistic.

3. After use

Remove the seat and set aside, inside the external lid.
Carloo with seat off
Place the internal lid on top of the internal container to cover the waste.
Carloo with internal lid on
Place the seat on top of the internal lid.
Carloo with external lid off
Put on the external lid and lock it.
Closed Carloo
Your Carloo is now ready for discreet transportation.  
Make sure to keep it upright and steady; and carry from the bottom.


- The Carloo is not spill or leak-proof, so keep it upright and steady at all times.
- Support the Carloo from the bottom after use (not just the handles). 
- Dispose of waste properly, according to your local laws. 
- Clean with soap and water after use.
- Let dry before reassembling.
- See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
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