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Grandparent time!

We love spending time with our granddaughters.  We live in the Los Angeles area and take them out as often as we can while we're ALL still young enough!  We go to the Zoo, Disneyland, Magic Mountain, the beach, parks and more. 

Most everywhere is a drive (sometimes longer due to traffic).  Early on we figured out how to deal with most of the stressors, like having snacks and beverages in the car and games on their devices (sorry parents), but bathroom needs were a big problem.  We had a few accidents and started covering the back seat with a waterproof cover (which didn't make anyone feel good - definitely embarrassing for the kids). 

The Carloo solves our bathroom problem.  We can pull over anytime, anywhere, and take care of bathroom needs.  We don't have to look for a rest stop or a restaurant or a private spot, we just park, use the Carloo and then we're good to get back on the road on our way to an adventure or home.


"How do you Carloo?" are real stories that have been shared with us, but many people are shy about their bathrooming habits, so no real names or photos of customers are used in this post.

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