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About Us

At Carloo, we’re on a mission to help people who experience pee anxiety or who can’t get to a bathroom while out and about in a car. We want to remove that anxiety by providing a choice.
A little 2020 my daughters and I were ready to go out and do quarantine-appropriate adventures, but the lack of bathrooms kept getting in our way. When I spoke with friends and family, I discovered we weren’t the only ones. Many people experience what I now call “pee anxiety” and the issue is not just limited to pandemic times!

I became obsessed with an idea that seemed simultaneously crazy and mundane: that my daughters and I should be able to comfortably pee in the privacy of our parked car. I searched online for some unknown product, but mostly found things that looked like they’d make a big mess. I decided this was a problem I could solve.

After lots of researching, sketching and prototyping, I came up with the Carloo. The Carloo removes a whole layer of stress for anyone who has ever experienced “pee anxiety.” My family and friends are thrilled with their Carloos. They say it gives them a choice and removes a whole layer of anxiety from their daily lives. We hope it can do the same for lots of other folks, maybe you or someone you love (Carloos make great gifts)!

Kim Nies, Founder, Carloo LLC
Oakland, California
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