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A customer tip about kitty litter

The Carloo was designed to be used like a kid's potty, where the waste is dumped directly into a toilet and used without a liner or gels or kitty litter. BUT we know this doesn't work for everyone, so we're sharing tips from customers on what's worked for them. If you have any tips to share, contact us at!

From a happy customer (November 2021):

I wanted to play it safe and ensure that my Carloo would not leak... So I simply put a little cat litter in it (perfectly safe, all natural, made from corn husks).  It absolutely did the job! Hey, if a domestic cat can use it, why can't I?

With my method, there is no spilling or leaking! Very easy clean up, no guilt!

To be on the safe side, I put paper napkin (or some newspaper) in the white carry case (external plastic container).

I save the biodegradable produce bags from Trader Joes and use one to line the stainless steel pan
(I also put a paper napkin at the bottom)
I use this kitty litter that's made of wheat (it's clumpable, flushable, and biodegradable)
I add a cup of cat litter.

Put the seat on and it's ready to go!

Upon returning from travels, I simply tie-up and remove the bag. Then dispose of it in directly into a dumpster. 

I find myself using my 'facility' at least four times each time we go to the dunes.

And the system I've worked out for myself is positively perfect for me!

I am ecstatic about your product! It has transformed my life, and my symptoms of dehydration are gone!

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