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Hiking - now without pee anxiety

I love to hike and ... I have pee anxiety. 

Where I live there are lots of beautiful hikes anywhere from a 10 minute to 1 hour drive away.  Lots of other people love to hike too. So even though I'm out hiking in beautiful nature, it's pretty public and I don't feel comfortable peeing along the way. 

In the past, right before I started a hike I'd get anxious about having to pee and think about it the whole time I was hiking, making the experience much less enjoyable.  This was especially true if I was meeting friends and had to wait (either because I was early or they were late). 

Now I have the Carloo ready.  If I think I have to pee before a hike, I just do it.  Then I don't think about it at all during the hike!  And I can drink as much water as I want during the hike because I know that I can always pee when I get back to the car. 


"How do you Carloo?" are real stories that have been shared with us, but many people are shy about their bathrooming habits, so no real names or photos of customers are used in this post.

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